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          The modern world operates almost exclusively on the power of electricity in one way or another, and electricity is commercially produced by electro-magnetic machinery called generators. In essence, a generator is nothing more than a series of coils arranged to rotate through a magnetic field. The cutting action provided by the magnetic flux as it passes through the conductors which comprise the windings, induces a voltage within the coils. This potential provides the impetus for a current to flow when a closed path is provided. However, here in lies an interesting problem.
          The student of physics will be well acquainted with a law known as "Lenz Law," which dictates that "a current carrying conductor undergoing motion within a magnetic field will experience a force which tends to oppose the motion which produced the current itself." Accordingly, every generator on earth attempts to run as a motor in a direction which provides resistance to the prime mover.
          This interesting phenomenon has become the very basis which now relates electrodynamics to the subject of thermodynamics, and which firmly cements the belief that power must always be conserved during an energy conversion process. However, a great deal of information exists which contradicts this cherished belief.
          In October of 1988, I was granted patent # 4,780,632 for an Alternator Having Improved Efficiency. The device was called a DynaFlux machine, because of the unique manner in which the magnetic flux was forced to undergo motion due to the machine's unusual armature design. Effectively, magnetic flux is forced to move along a path parallel to the axis of rotation, rather than perpendicular to it. As a result of this innovation, the Lenz reaction develops an opposing force that tends to apply an axial thrust to the rotor, rather than an opposing torque.
          The net result is that the Dynaflux Alternator has the ability to provide conversion efficiencies unheard of in Electrical Engineering. However, despite its incredible potential, this discovery has met with nothing but closed mindedness, rejection and resistance; proof positive that mankind enjoys wallowing in the misery it creates for itself. It is not difficult to understand why Tesla kept so much knowledge to himself. Perhaps our planet is not yet ready to receive a cheap, inexhaustible supply of electrical power. It would be interesting to hear other points of view.
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